Are you a Renter in Charleston SC?

If you’re renting you may want to watch this short video.

You will be able to rest easy knowing your belongings are protected by Renter’s insurance. At Help2Cover Insurance Agency, we help you find the coverage you need - at a price you can afford. Our team can help you save even more by bundling your renters and auto policies.

Not having coverage adds up. Think about it. Do you really know the value of everything in your home?

Smartphones and the technology you rely on every day can be expensive. Replacing all of these at once could be costly. That’s where our agents comes in. Think of us as the neighborhood watch for your wallet. We can provide a policy that covers items your landlord doesn’t.

To see how affordable it is to protect a lot for just a little, call our agency at 843.596.9988 or visit us at today.

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