Help2Cover Insurance & Union Mortgage Team up for Happy Hour @ SOL SouthWest In Summerville SC.

   We understand the confusion that comes with a major home purchase. Help2Cover Insurance Agency discovered a need for our growing community and responded. So, we teamed up with several highly qualified mortgage companies in our local community to ensure everyone has a level playing field to purchase a new home.

   When I purchased my first home, there was a ton of confusion. I didn’t know anything, but knew I would have to find at least a realtor who was connected to the chain of professionals it would take to get the process of home buying done.

   I needed a team of professionals that knew what they were doing. Most of us wouldn’t expect anything else. However, I also needed them to have my best interest in mind. After all, we don’t know what is going to happen day to day. I didn’t want to pay to much or worst, get caught in a down economy that could caught me off guard; at the worst possible time to be in a position that could compromise my standards of living.

   Some people say home purchase was easy while others testified of a horrible event. Thanks to the powers of Positive Influences! I met Jason Doslinski and Jay Ingram with UnionMortgage. They know how to get a client into a home! This helped us to really make affordable coverage available to our community at prices everyone can afford.

   So call us for your professional network of individuals who have a track record of success in getting you into the home of your dreams!

#NewHome #CharlestonSC

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