How To Get Affordable Homeowners Insurance In South Carolina

How to​ Get Affordable Homeowner's Insurance in​ South Carolina For the​ vast majority of​ South Carolina homeowners,​ their home is,​ by far,​ their biggest and their most valuable asset .​ For this reason over 90% of​ all homeowner's in​ the​ state buy homeowner's insurance. This is​ true regardless of​ whether a​ home is​ being financed or​ not .​ Obviously your mortgage lender has the​ right to​ demand that you​ purchase homeowner's insurance,​ but keep in​ mind that while your lender can require you​ to​ buy homeowner's insurance your lender cannot tell you​ which insurance company to​ purchase it​ from .​ This gives you​ the​ opportunity to​ find affordable homeowner's insurance here in​ South Carolina. In any event there are several steps you​ can take that will lower the​ cost of​ your homeowner's insurance.

Start by making the​ outside of​ your home safe .​ Homeowner's policies cover injuries on​ your property,​ so the​ safer your property is​ the​ less you​ should have to​ pay for your insurance .​ Start by repairing or​ replacing any broken or​ buckled sidewalks or​ other cement .​ Fill in​ potholes .​ Replace lose or​ rotten boards in​ decks or​ porches and make sure all railings are secure .​ Let your agent know you've done this work. Burglaries are also a​ concern for your insurance company .​ Install motion-sensitive floodlights,​ trim bushes away from all windows,​ install deadbolt locks on​ all exterior doors and make certain that every window in​ your house has a​ working lock. A home security system that monitors your house 24/7 is​ an​ excellent idea and such systems can save you​ 20% or​ even more on​ your monthly homeowner's insurance bill - but check with your agent before purchasing any system as​ not all systems will qualify for the​ full discount on​ your insurance. If you​ have a​ home-based business ask your tax man if​ all or​ a​ portion of​ your home security system could be written off on​ your taxes - this could save you​ even more money! If you​ have a​ retired person 55 or​ older living in​ the​ home make sure your agent knows about it​ as​ this could save you​ money each and every month. Did you​ know that the​ primary claim against a​ homeowner's policy is​ for water damage caused by a​ broken water line or​ a​ broken appliance connection? If your home is​ over 10 years old ask your agent how much you​ would save each and every month if​ you​ made a​ one-time investment in​ upgrading your plumbing and electrical systems. Have you​ installed the​ proper number of​ fire and smoke detectors for the​ size and configuration of​ your house? Do they all have fresh batteries? Batteries must be changed twice yearly. Do you​ have a​ kitchen-rated fire extinguisher in​ your kitchen? Check with any clubs,​ organizations or​ associations that you​ belong to​ and see if​ any of​ them offer low-cost group homeowner's insurance. Consolidate all your insurance policies with the​ same company .​ This will give you​ a​ rather nice Multi-Policy Discount on​ your homeowner's insurance. If you've been with the​ same insurance company for at​ least 3 to​ 5 years ask if​ you​ qualify for a​ Long-Term Policy Discount. Increasing your deductible is​ a​ fast and easy way to​ lower your monthly homeowner's insurance payment,​ but this is​ something that needs to​ be considered carefully as​ any increase in​ your deductible represents cash that you​ will need to​ come up with each year before your insurance will pay for any claims .​ Don't promise to​ pay more than you​ can actually afford. Now find 3 different websites that allow you​ to​ make homeowner's insurance price comparisons from different insurance companies .​ What you​ want to​ do is​ to​ use the​ information in​ this article in​ order to​ fill out the​ form on​ all 3 comparison websites exactly the​ same - that way your comparison provides you​ with valid information. Your next step is​ to​ decide which insurance companies you​ feel confident will still be here in​ 20 to​ 30 years,​ and then simply choose the​ least expensive from among those companies .​ That's it .​ That's all there is​ to​ getting affordable homeowner's insurance in​ South Carolina .​ So sleep well knowing that you​ are now saving as​ much money each month as​ you​ possibly can while still protecting your greatest asset - your home.

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