Remembering Why We Do What We Do

Of all the months in the year, none of them seems quite as exciting as May. Spring is in full bloom. Flowers blossom. The grass seems a brighter shade of green. Blue skies stretch out as far as the eye can see. April showers have subsided and we get ready to kick off the summer season with everyone’s favorite three-day event…Memorial Day weekend.

But Memorial Day is about more than barbecues, pool openings, and the unofficial start of the summer. This day is set aside to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Sure, we often take the time to thank current and former service members, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we should always remember those who sacrificed their lives for us and our freedom.

It’s in this spirit of remembrance that we at Help2Cover find ourselves reflecting on just why we do what we do. Ask any business owner why they do what they do and you will get a wide array of answers, but often we don’t take the time to share those reasons with others. So, in the spirit of this time…here is a look at just why we do what we do.

Protecting Our Friends and Neighbors

What would happen if your home was suddenly devastated by a hurricane? How would you handle a sudden illness? Is your care protected in the event of an accident? Just what would your loved ones do should the worst happen and you suddenly not be there?

Helping people answer questions like these is central to what we do at Help2Cover. Life is complicated enough without adding endless fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. That’s why our team of trusted insurance advisors spends time with you learning about your goals and loves in life so we can make certain they’re protected.

Let’s face it, bad things happen sometimes. No matter how hard you try you simply can’t prevent all of them. Everyone will deal with a crisis at some point. We do what we do so you don’t have to worry about what happens after tragedy strikes. We make certain you are protected from damages left in the wake of the unexpected and that you, your family, and your life can get back on track.

Protecting you is one of the reasons we do what we do.

Educating Our Clients

Insurance is a complex topic. Policies are legal documents full of specialized jargon, clauses, and fine point details. The regulatory environment, at both the state and federal levels, is always changing. Even the nature of the insurance business itself seems to be in a constant state of flux. It’s no wonder people throw their hands up in frustration when you even say the word “insurance.”

We don’t want anyone to feel that way. That’s why our team is constantly learning. Keeping up to date with every change and trend in our industry so we can be the very best. We aim to be more than just insurance agents. Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable insurance experts to provide you with a trusted advisor.

At Help2Cover, our trusted insurance advisors take the time to educate you about the world of insurance. We’re not trying to rush you out the door. We take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you are well-informed about every policy detail. You will never leave our office confused, that’s our commitment. Educating our clients is a huge part of why we do what we do.

Serving Our Community

At Help2Cover you’re more than just a name on a file folder or a number on a spreadsheet. All of our clients are part of our community. They’re our neighbors, friends, and family. For many companies, clients are just names on a folder or numbers in a ledger. When something happens to you and you need help…they tell you to take a number and wait.

But we got into this business to serve our community.

We got into this business to help protect the trucks belonging to a new landscaping company. We got into this business to make sure you and your family can rest easier during hurricane season because you are protected in the worst case. We got into this business to help people avoid lifelong bankruptcy over medical costs.

We got into this business to serve our community.

Everything we do is part of this service. Protecting our neighbors, their property, and their families. Educating people on the things they need to know about insurance and its role in helping them live their best life. We’re here to help you build things and we’re here to protect the things you build.

At the end of the day, the real reason we do this…is because serving you is what brings us joy.

Happy Memorial Day from Your Trusted Insurance Advisor!

From all of us at Help2Cover to all of you…Happy Memorial Day!

It is our deep honor to serve you. Whether it’s helping you navigate the world of health insurance making sure you’re protected from healthy emergencies or making certain your home is protected during hurricane season, we’re proud to be a part of your life. From insuring your teen’s car to getting you life insurance to help protect those you care about, we’re always there. You are our friends and neighbors, part of our community that we strive to serve every day.

If you have insurance questions or need to find coverage…contact the trusted advisors at Help2Cover today! We’re here to help you!

At Help2Cover (H2C), we understand that insurance goes hand in hand with solid financial planning. H2C Insurance Agency was founded by a group of professional insurance and financial planning experts. With years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the importance of comprehensive coverage and strategic financial guidance. We go beyond traditional insurance services. We strive to provide holistic solutions that integrate insurance protection seamlessly into your broader financial goals. Whether you’re seeking personal insurance coverage or business insurance solutions, our dedicated team is here to tailor a plan that aligns with your unique needs.


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