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A lot of kids tried to solve the Rubik's Cube.

Some of those kids solved them.

I was the kid who then took the cube apart, rearranged the stickers, reworked the mechanism between each colored block to find a better way to achieve the desired result. I wasn't driven by the need for efficiency, but rather by an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn more and delve deeper.

That same need lead me through numerous paths and opportunities. From theatre and arts oriented non-profits to the military, from aircraft maintenance to education and leadership development, to bookkeeping and finance I have followed my desire for knowledge and experience through the years and earned a massive base of knowledge, wisdom and skills to draw from.

I am still taking apart the Rubik's Cube. But now the motivation and the questions are different. Instead of wanting a better way to arrange matching colors, now I am trying to answer one question: how do we make connections?

If you are interested, let’s chat! If we haven’t met, let’s fix that!


Matt Hampton

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