New Year, New Questions, And Some New Answers

Happy New Year, Friends!!!

That’s right. It’s 2023!

A new year can be a very exciting time. It’s a time of new opportunities and challenges. Another chance at achieving our goals and moving our lives forward. More time with our loved ones, more experiences, and a host of new opportunities for our lives are just a few of the things to be excited about in 2023.

But this year has some people scared. Inflation has been a concern for many as they watched the prices of everyday goods rise. Many people are scared about big economic issues and how those will impact their everyday life. Just like a new year brings us a new opportunity, it can also bring up some new fears.

So it seemed like a good time to answer some more insurance questions. This time, we’re focusing on common questions we see during tight financial times like the ones many are experiencing right now. These are just a few of the questions out there. If you don’t see your question on this list, please reach out to one of our trusted insurance professionals. We’re happy to help.

Now, let’s get started.

Do I Need Insurance?

When times get tight we start to ask ourselves…

Do I need __________?

One of the most common answers to that fill-in-the-blank is insurance. We start to wonder if we need our homeowners, renters, or life insurance policies. After all, insurance is something you see money go into, but rarely, with any luck, see money from. When things are tough, do we need insurance?


Without a doubt, tough times help to highlight why we need insurance more than good ones. Picture this, you’re driving to work one day when, out of nowhere, you’re involved in a traffic collision. The car is badly damaged. You need to have it towed and repaired so you can get back to your day-to-day life. Do you want that repair bill?

Of course not. Car repairs can be expensive. That’s not what you need during tough times. Auto insurance can help mitigate those costs and get you back on the road. The same is true for damage to your home, potential disability impacting your ability to work, and even the unforeseen, tragic loss of life.

The bottom line is, tough times are often when we need insurance the most to help protect us and our loved ones from catastrophic loss.

Am I Paying Too Much for Insurance?

Now that we know we need insurance during these tough times, we can ask a better question.

Am I paying too much for my insurance?

The truth is, you could be. Insurance policies are complicated things. There are many riders, additional benefits, and discounts to navigate. Maybe you are getting the most out of your policy. Maybe you’re not. Taking the time to dig into this question and find an answer is worth it.

But, why? So what if I’m paying too much? What difference does it make? Okay, let’s explore that for a moment.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re paying $4,000 a year for your homeowner’s insurance. That’s a lot of money for a policy. How much? Well, it’s a monthly premium of around $333. That’s a car payment! And what if you’re paying for a policy you don’t need? Or one that doesn’t have the coverage you need?

In that case, you’re probably paying too much for your insurance. It may be outside of your budget to pay that much or you may just be overpaying. While this question doesn’t have a definitive catch-all answer, it’s worth asking.

Because, yes, you just might be spending too much on your insurance.

Can Somebody Help Me Navigate This Insurance Stuff?

Yes, insurance is intimidating.

Honestly, it’s one of the most complicated and intimidating topics out there. Rules and regulations are constantly changing. Carriers are in business one day and closing their doors the next. Researching policies can lead you down a rabbit hole of endless riders, numbers, and rules that seem to contradict each other at every turn.

Let’s face it, shopping for insurance might be one of the most unpleasant things possible.

But some people can help you. Trusted insurance professionals maintain current knowledge of those rule changes. They’re informed on various riders and benefits available in different policies. We know the industry and all of its trends and changes.

Plus, we’re here to help you.

Meeting with a trusted insurance professional is leveraging all of that knowledge and experience to help you. They will take the time to walk through your needs and goals with you. Then they set out to find the best policies to meet both your needs and your budget. So there’s no need to do this one on your own. Instead, find a trusted insurance advisor to help you.

YOUR Trusted Insurance Advisor

Insurance can be a complex topic with a map of providers and offerings that can confuse the very best of us. Finding an independent insurance advisor can help you navigate that world and find the coverage you need to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your financial future.

At Help2Cover, we are trusted, independent insurance professionals dedicated to serving our friends and neighbors. Our team will meet with you, learn about your needs and goals, then help you find the right coverage for you and your budget. Don’t let the insurance world confuse or intimidate you from getting what you need.

If you have any insurance needs or questions, reach out to the team of trusted
insurance professionals at Help2Cover today! We’re ready to serve you!

At Help2Cover (H2C), we understand that insurance goes hand in hand with solid financial planning. H2C Insurance Agency was founded by a group of professional insurance and financial planning experts. With years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the importance of comprehensive coverage and strategic financial guidance. We go beyond traditional insurance services. We strive to provide holistic solutions that integrate insurance protection seamlessly into your broader financial goals. Whether you’re seeking personal insurance coverage or business insurance solutions, our dedicated team is here to tailor a plan that aligns with your unique needs.


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